Caroline + Ben


Our Story

Caroline started shooting in 2008 in her hometown of Jonesboro, Arkansas. She had no plans to go to college then, but decided to pursue a bachelor of fine arts degree from Belmont in 2012. There she met her now husband Ben. Ben and Caroline remained close friends throughout college- often sending each other photographs of water, fractals, sunsets, and arguing about lens flare. By the time it was love, photographing together seemed perfectly natural. Now Ben and Caroline are able to shoot very efficiently and effectively as a team. They find that almost any shoot runs better and smoother with two sets of eyes and hands. 

Caroline and Ben are passionate about documenting people in their best light (literally and figuratively), recording the beauty in their subjects and preserving wonderful things as they happen- whether that is a wedding or live music. They find that- anywhere from photographing alongside a couple at a wedding to dance photography to concert photography- photographing people is a very personal experience. Ben and Caroline see themselves as collaborators in helping people write their stories for others to read.